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In 1993, Suzhou new electronic co., LTD was established as a joint venture of China and Spain. Company set up the start is committed to research and development and production

High quality PTC element.

In 1995, The company started producing heater with PTC heater.

In 1998, The company began to develop PTC heater for home air conditioning. New electronic is one of the first domestic production of this kind of heater company.

In 2000, The company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.

In 2001, The company to supply for Trane company.

In 2001, Company a household air conditioner supplier of beauty, through the start motor protector elements.

In 2003, Company a York, Carrier, Mammoth, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and other commercial air conditioning enterprise suppliers.

In 2004 the company help to develop haier air conditioning use PTC heater, and as the main suppliers.

In 2006, Companies become the suppliers of Sensata.

In 2007, Open a new branch factory production company PTC heater.

In 2008,company to assist the Schneider communications cabinets development product, products are exported to Europe.

In 2010,Company to assist the development of gree air conditioning for PTC heater, and become the main supplier.

In 2012, Companies to move two factory merger wusong road campus, to further expand production capacity.

In 2013, Company a byd suppliers, supply the electric car with heating parts.

The company was identified as high-tech enterprises, the provincial private technology enterprises.

In 2014, The company TS16949 automotive quality system certification.

Company to create and judged for graduate work center at the provincial level.